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Covid-19 cases spike and economic pain deepens while an apathetic lame duck White House and a deadlocked Congress provide no political leadership

11/30/2020 6:14:12 AM

America is sliding into a winter limbo of alarming spikes in Covid-19 cases and deepening economic pain while an apathetic lame duck White House and a deadlocked Congress provide no political leadership.

The Coronavirus Won't Stop Evolving When the Vaccine Arrives

11/30/2020 5:45:39 AM

The coronavirus is not a shape shifter like the flu virus, but it could become vaccine resistant over time. That prompts researchers to urge vigilance.

Kim Jong Un is cutting off his economic lifeline, China, to stave off Covid-19

11/30/2020 3:47:28 AM

Kim Jong Un appears to have kicked North Korea's pandemic prevention plan into overdrive, further tightening the country's nearly impassible borders, cutting off nearly all trade with China and even allegedly executing a customs officials for failing to handle imported goods appropriately.

Should Isolation Periods Be Shorter for People With Covid-19?

11/30/2020 1:37:33 AM

Patients are usually most infectious two days before symptoms begin and for five days after, a new analysis finds.

Covid-19 is killing Americans at a staggering rate

11/30/2020 1:24:21 AM

As millions of Americans head home after Thanksgiving, the coronavirus could be hitching a ride -- threatening to plant seeds of infection across the country as the US on Sunday topped more than 100,000 new cases for the 27th consecutive day.

Top health officials agree Americans who traveled for Thanksgiving should get tested. But this is where they differ

11/30/2020 12:42:58 AM

Top health officials on Sunday called on Americans to get tested for coronavirus after Thanksgiving travel as an important measure to help mitigate the virus' spread amid a surge in US cases.

Secret warehouse parties get shut down

11/29/2020 1:56:43 AM

Even as cases and hospitalizations spike across the country, police are seeing a spate of crowded underground parties -- in violation of local coronavirus guidelines. CNN's Stephanie Elam reports these parties are getting shut down.

A.A. to Zoom, Substance Abuse Treatment Goes Online

11/28/2020 6:47:31 PM

It began as a stopgap way to get through the pandemic, but both participants and providers say virtual sessions have some clear advantages and will likely become a permanent part of recovery.

The QAnon conspiracy is fake. The harm it's doing to child welfare groups is real

11/28/2020 4:02:04 PM

Child welfare organizations for months have felt the full weight of the coronavirus pandemic, navigating concerns about unreported abuse and ensuring their resources are available to at-risk children.

Could Covid-19 Cause Your Teeth to Fall Out?

11/28/2020 2:22:56 PM

People who already have dental problems may see them aggravated by encounters with the coronavirus, some experts suggest.

AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine: What You Need to Know

11/28/2020 2:17:22 PM

AstraZeneca’s new clinical trial results are positive but confusing, leaving many experts wanting to see more data before passing final judgment on how well the vaccine will work.

Why Oxford's Covid-19 vaccine could do more for the world than other shots

11/28/2020 12:31:18 PM

In the days since Oxford University and AstraZeneca unveiled the results of the partnership's Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trials, a growing number of questions have emerged.

How US Hospitals Are Stretched Way Too Thin Due to Covid-19

11/28/2020 12:34:26 AM

As the coronavirus pandemic surges across the country, hospitals are facing a crisis-level shortage of beds and staff to provide adequate care for patients.

'God kept me here for my boys': Dad reflects on Covid-19 fight

11/27/2020 10:02:14 PM

After Covid-19 infected everyone in their family, Charles and Kirstin Johnson-Nixon are now on a mission to spread awareness about the devastating effects of the disease. CNN's Adrienne Broaddus reports.

Why Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan Have to Keep Beating Back Coronavirus

11/27/2020 12:52:33 PM

Hard-to-trace clusters, along with pandemic fatigue, have forced officials in Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan to keep recalibrating their responses.

Bill Gates, la Covid-19 et le combat pour vacciner la planète

11/26/2020 4:25:42 PM

Le milliardaire travaille avec l’OMS, les groupes pharmaceutiques et plusieurs ONG pour dompter le coronavirus à travers le monde, y compris dans les pays les plus pauvres. Réussiront-ils?

Is It Safe to Fly During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

11/26/2020 2:41:11 PM

Studies suggest that flying is a relatively lower-risk activity, and millions are traveling by plane over the holidays. But the picture is not complete. Here’s what the science says about mitigating exposure.

Covid Combat Fatigue: Doctors and Nurses Are Running on Empty

11/26/2020 2:57:25 AM

Doctors and nurses on the front lines are running on empty, under increasing duress as the pandemic surges and hospitals are overrun with patients.

Bill Gates, Covid-19 and the Quest to Vaccinate the World

11/25/2020 10:06:08 PM

The billionaire is working with the W.H.O., drugmakers and nonprofits to defeat the coronavirus everywhere, including in the world’s poorest nations. Can they do it?

The Reigning Queen of Pandemic Yoga

11/25/2020 11:00:07 AM

The YouTube celebrity Adriene Mishler made yoga accessible and search-optimized even before so many Americans were confined at home. Can she help us learn to live better lives in front of the computer?

Early Coronavirus Mutation Made It Harder to Stop, Evidence Suggests

11/25/2020 12:09:10 AM

Scientists were initially skeptical that a mutation made the coronavirus more contagious. But new research has changed many of their minds.

Masks Offer Covid Protection, Provided You Wear Them Right

11/24/2020 8:53:05 PM

New research shows adding a filter and improving the fit makes a cloth mask work even better.

Small Gatherings Spread the Virus, but Are They Causing the Surge?

11/23/2020 10:25:19 PM

Yes, the coronavirus can be transmitted over cocktails and dinners. But these get-togethers may not account for the huge rise in cases.

The Risks of Another Epidemic: Teenage Vaping

11/23/2020 11:00:13 AM

“We’re stepping backward from all the advances we’ve made in tobacco control,” one investigator said.

Improve Emergency Care? Pandemic Helps Point the Way

11/23/2020 11:00:12 AM

Momentum is gathering for telemedicine, which could alleviate a longstanding problem: wait times.

'Golden Girls'-themed cruise sailed on cusp of global pandemic

11/10/2020 2:20:04 PM

Once upon a time over 900 Golden Fans donned sequined shoulder pads and gray wigs to bring the "Golden Girls" TV show back to life ... and it all happened on a cruise ship.

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