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New York governor faces new allegations that threaten his political future

3/1/2021 1:55:32 AM

In the depths of the early Covid-19 crisis last year, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo soared to national prominence as he became a daily fixture on television -- providing a calm, steady recitation of the facts that endeared him to many Americans who were terrified of the deadly new virus ravaging their cities and overwhelming their hospitals.

CDC advisers approve first single-dose Covid vaccine for use in the US

3/1/2021 1:44:25 AM

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccine advisers voted Sunday to recommend the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine for the US. It is the first of the three authorized Covid-19 vaccines that comes in a single dose.

Fauci: 'I would take whatever vaccine would be available to me'

2/28/2021 10:10:39 PM

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, on Sunday urged Americans to take any of the three "highly efficacious" coronavirus vaccines now available to them and not delay getting one vaccine over another.

Experts say Covid-19 could also be to blame for avalanche deaths. Seriously.

2/28/2021 6:30:17 PM

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on the US economy, health care system and schools.

White evangelicals' dominance of the GOP has turned it into the party of resistance

2/28/2021 2:58:48 PM

For obvious reasons, President Joe Biden made the coronavirus pandemic his first legislative priority. Polling shows wide public support for his $1.9 trillion relief plan.

How To Ritualize Tea Time

2/28/2021 5:58:05 AM

Tea might be the perfect drink for the pandemic winter malaise. Here’s how to start your own ritual.

Covid Vaccines: Johnson & Johnson's shot authorized by F.D.A.

2/28/2021 2:19:50 AM

The authorization of a third Covid-19 vaccine will bring millions more doses within days. But health officials worry that some people will see the vaccine as the inferior choice.

He's had Covid-19 symptoms for a year. Hear his daily battle

2/28/2021 2:15:05 AM

CNN's Pamela Brown talks with Ed Hornick, a Yahoo News editor who had coronavirus over a year ago, but still deals with symptoms daily.

GOP governor insulted Dr. Fauci. See how CPAC crowd responded

2/28/2021 1:13:12 AM

Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) received a standing ovation from CPAC attendees for her remarks about South Dakota's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Jonathan Reiner criticized Noem's comments, saying that her 'science denialism' resulted in the spread of the deadly virus.

'Biggest trial of my life': Landlord says eviction moratorium has drained her savings

2/27/2021 9:45:20 PM

CNN's Natasha Chen looks at how the Covid-19 eviction moratorium has affected small-scale investors and landlords who have unpaid mortgages to face as tenants are unable to pay their rent.

Ex-NBA star Jeremy Lin says he's been called 'coronavirus' on the court

2/27/2021 9:45:16 PM

As the number of violent attacks against Asian Americans escalates, former NBA star Jeremy Lin said he has experienced racism while playing basketball.

Vulnerable Inmates Left in Prison as Covid Rages

2/27/2021 9:15:33 PM

At a federal compound in Connecticut, inmates in precarious health “are like sitting ducks,” one lawyer said.

CDC Traces Covid-19 Outbreaks in Gyms, Urging Stricter Precautions

2/27/2021 7:51:32 PM

Coronavirus cases at fitness centers in Chicago and Honolulu were linked to carelessness about masks and symptoms, federal health officials found.

The Coronavirus Is Threatening a Comeback. Here’s How to Stop It.

2/27/2021 4:59:07 PM

Many scientists are expecting another rise in infections. But this time the surge will be blunted by vaccines and, hopefully, widespread caution. By summer, Americans may be looking at a return to normal life.

Children Are Consuming Hand Sanitizer. Here’s How to Keep Them Safe.

2/26/2021 3:25:00 PM

During the pandemic, there was a dramatic increase in exposures to hand sanitizer reported among kids under 6, U.S. poison center data shows.

How Pandemic Isolation Affected an Alzheimer's Patient in a Nursing Home

2/26/2021 11:00:12 AM

The pandemic has stolen away the chance to surround the sister we are losing to dementia with our love, so that she does not have to face death alone.

A New Coronavirus Variant Is Spreading in New York, Researchers Report

2/26/2021 1:12:34 AM

The variant contains a mutation thought to help the virus dodge the immune system, scientists said.

New Findings on 2 Ways Children Become Seriously Ill From the Coronavirus

2/25/2021 1:40:03 AM

A large study found that young people hospitalized with acute Covid-19 have symptoms and characteristics that differ from those with a Covid-linked inflammatory syndrome.

Woman Dies After Getting Covid-19 From Transplanted Lungs

2/25/2021 12:55:21 AM

In what appears to be the first case of its kind, a pair of donated lungs led to Covid-19 in an organ recipient, according to doctors at the University of Michigan.

Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine Works Well and May Curb Virus Spread

2/25/2021 12:50:37 AM

F.D.A. studies show the shot strongly protects against severe illness and may reduce spread of the virus. But the drugmaker has fallen short of initial production goals.

For Some Teens, It’s Been a Year of Anxiety and Trips to the E.R.

2/24/2021 8:18:50 PM

During the pandemic, suicidal thinking is up. And families find that hospitals can’t handle adolescents in crisis.

Where a Vaccination Campaign Faces Skepticism, War and Corruption

2/24/2021 4:00:28 PM

A half-million doses arrived this month in Afghanistan, where many insist the virus isn’t real and vaccines aren’t needed. Those who want the vaccine fear that only the well-connected will receive it.

Got a Pandemic Puppy? Learn How to Prevent Dog Bites

2/23/2021 8:33:55 PM

With new puppies and kids at home, doctors are worried about treating more children for dog bites.

New California Variant More Contagious, Two Studies Confirm

2/23/2021 7:28:19 PM

Two studies confirm that a new coronavirus mutant in California is more contagious, although the scale of its threat is unclear.

Future Vaccines Depend on Test Subjects in Short Supply: Monkeys

2/23/2021 4:12:31 PM

The pandemic has highlighted the United States’ dependence on China for research animals, reviving calls for a “strategic monkey reserve.”

U.S. Reaches 500,000 Covid Deaths

2/23/2021 9:58:44 AM

In a single year, Covid-19 became a leading cause of death in the United States, rivaling heart disease and cancer, and has driven life expectancy down sharply.

Vaccines Adapted for Variants Will Not Need Lengthy Testing, F.D.A. Says

2/22/2021 11:32:51 PM

The agency’s new guidance will speed the development of vaccines that protect against more contagious variants of the coronavirus.

CNN Exclusive: WHO Wuhan mission finds possible signs of wider original outbreak in 2019

2/15/2021 12:56:54 PM

Investigators from the World Health Organization (WHO) looking into the origins of coronavirus in China have discovered signs the outbreak was much wider in Wuhan in December 2019 than previously thought, and are urgently seeking access to hundreds of thousands of blood samples from the city that China has not so far let them examine.

Beijing cracks down on citizen journalists who blew whistle on Covid-19

1/26/2021 5:18:06 PM

A year after the first coronavirus lockdown enveloped Wuhan, China, Chinese officials have been cracking down on citizen journalists who risked their freedoms to reveal and preserve the truth about the initial outbreak. CNN's David Culver speaks with Chen Kun, who fled the country after his younger brother was arrested for preserving an important internet database of news archives.

China's hero doctor was punished for telling truth about coronavirus

2/11/2020 8:01:00 AM

In their botched handling of the tragic death of Li Wenliang, the Chinese doctor who sounded the alarm on the Wuhan coronavirus, authorities in Beijing seem to want it both ways.

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